What To Do If You Get Pulled Over By The Police



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This webinar, “What To Do If You Get Pulled Over By the Police,” will educate you on the following topics:

  • Eight Tips on interacting with an officer when you are pulled over to ensure you are safe and do not aggravate the situation. And, how to handle yourself in a manner that maximizes your opportunity to lessen the infraction.
  • Seven things you should do once you receive a summons to a minimum the ticket’s impact
  • How hiring an attorney can save you Time, Money, Points, DMV fines, and assessments and avoid an insurance increase
  • Seven ways that you can help your attorney help you
  •  four things you should do once the ticket is resolved
  •  Types of tickets you should handle by yourself

This brief but power-packed webinar lasts about 16 minutes, includes Questions and Answers…

All Participants may receive a FREE “What To Do If You Get Pulled Over Packet” to keep in your car.







Click On Picture Above To Access Webinar Or link Below



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