Need an experienced traffic lawyer who knows the traffic courts in Rockland County, Westcheser, Orange and through out New York?


Traffic Courts of Rockland County, Westchester Orange & NYS uphold the rights of the people

Traffic Courts of Rockland County, Westchester Orange & NYS uphold the rights of the people

Steven Ginsberg has more than 20 years of legal experience and concentrates on Vehicle and Traffic Law. The law is the law;   While in theory it should be the same for everyone in all situations, in reality it is administered by human beings from the judges to prosecutors to police, and even the court personnel.  And just as every person is different, there are differences in how the law is applied in different courts, and even by different judges in the same court.

Mr. Ginsberg has spent many years carefully observing the courts that he appears in regularly, and has developed a strong working knowledge of the differences among the various courts and the best ways to approach each one.  As a traffic lawyer, he services the courts in Rockland County, Westchester, Orange and throughout New York.

Rather than constantly being on the attack and trying to bully the system, Mr. Ginsberg has found that developing professional yet friendly relationships with all levels of court personnel has enabled him to consistently achieve quality and beneficial results for his clients.

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[1] Each situation is different, and the achievable goals vary greatly. Speak to attorney Ginsberg about what objectives are being sought and what is likely to be the result.


Attorney Ginsberg has developed a webinar to inform the public about what they should do if they are pulled over the police.

It covers:

  • Eight Tips on how to interact with an officer when you are pulled over to ensure you are safe and do not aggravate the situation and handle yourself in a manner that maximizes your opportunity to lessen the infraction.
  • Seven things you should do once you receive a summons to a minimum the ticket’s impact 
  • How hiring an attorney can save you Time, Money, Points, DMV fines and assessments and avoid an insurance increase 
  • Seven ways that you can help your attorney help you
  •  four things you should do once the ticket is resolved
  •  Types of tickets you should handle by yourself

This brief but power packed webinar lasts  about 16 minutes including Questions and Answers…

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Condensed list of selected traffic courts –
Rockland County, Westchester, Orange and elsewhere in New York State

Airmont Village Court 845.357.3980
Beacon City Court 845.838.5030
Bedford Town Court 914.666.6965
Bethel Town Court 845.583.7420
Blooming Grove Town Court 845.496.7631 x-0
Chester Town Court 845.469.9541
Chester Village Court 845.469.8584
Chestnut Ridge Village Court 845.425.3108
Clarkstown Town Court 845.639.5960
Cornwall Town Court 845.534.8717
Croton Village Court 914.271.6266
Dobbs Ferry Village Court 914.693.6161
Eastchester Town Court 914.771.3354
East Fishkill Town Court 845.226.4229 x-3
Elmsford Village Court 914.592.8949
Fallsburg Town Court 845.434.4574
Fishkill Town Court 845.831.7800
Florida Village Court 845.651.4940
Goshen Town Court 845.294.6477
Goshen Village Court 845.294.5826
Grandview Village Court 845.358.5078
Greenburgh Town Court 914.682.5366
Greenwood Lake Village Court 845.477.9218
Harriman Village Court 845.782.6853
Harrison Town Court 914.835.2000 x-3
Haverstraw Town Court 845.947.0020 x-36/37
Haverstraw Village Court 845.947.4063
Highlands Town Court 845.446.4280 x-322
Hillburn Village Court 845.357.2036
Kent Town Court 845.225.1606
Kingston City Court 845.338.2974
Kingston Town Court 845.336.8853
LaGrange Town Court 845.452.1837 x-2
Liberty Town Court 845.292.6980
Liberty Village Court 845.292.0292 x-21
Mamakating Town Court 845.888.3038
Middletown City Court 845.346.4050
Montebello Village Court 845-368-2211
Monroe Town Court 845.783.9733
Monroe Village Court 845.782.8721
Monticello Village Court 845.794.1222
Montgomery Town Court 845.457.2620
Mount Hope Town Court 845-386-5303
Mount Pleasant Town Court 914.742.2354
Mount Vernon City Court 914.665.2400
Newburgh Town Court 845.564.7161
New Rochelle City Court 914.654.2292
New Square Village Court 845.354.9214
Nyack Village Court 845.358.4464
Orangetown Town Court 845.359.5100 x-2202
Ossining Village Court 914.941.3067
Patterson Town Court 845.878.1080
Peekskill City Court 914.737.3405
Piermont Village Court 845.359.0345 x-2
Port Chester Village Court 914.939.8220
Putnam Valley Town Court 845.526.3050
Ramapo Town Court 845.357.5100 x-239
Rye City Court 914.831.6400
Sloatsburg Village Court 845.753.5506
Somers Town Court 914.277.8225
Southeast Town Court 845.279.8939
South Nyack Village Court 845.358.5078
Spring Valley Village Court 845.573.5820
Stony Point Town Court 845.786.2506
Suffern Village Court 845.357.6424
Tarrytown Village Court 914.631.5215
Thompson Town Court 845.794.7130
Tuxedo Town Court 845.351.5655
Ulster Town Court 845.382.1737
Upper Nyack Village Court 845.358.0202
Wallkill Town Court 845.692.7822
Warwick Town Court 845.986.1124
Warwick Village Court 845.986.7044 x-9
Washingtonville Village Court 845.496.9797
Wawarsing Town Court 845.647.4770
Wawayanda Town Court 845.355.5706
Wesley Hills Village Court 845.354.0404
West Haverstraw Village Court 845.947.1013
White Plains City Court 914.824.5675
Woodbury Town Court 845.928.2311 x-2
Yonkers City Court 914.831.6910
Yorktown Town Court 914.962.6216 x-3