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Do you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)? The best advice is to avoid getting ticketed. This applies to all driving situations, regardless of when, where, or how. As a truck or other kind of commercial driver, you could jeopardize losing your CDL or your livelihood even while getting ticketed behind the wheel of your family car. If you have a need for a traffic lawyer and you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in NY, you are at the right website.

Tickets That Can Cause You To Lose Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

All drivers with a commercial license you especially want to avoid one of the following major violations (which applies to all drivers):

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (even with less than the legal limit)
  • Operating under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Fleeing the scene of an accident
  • Causing a fatality due to negligent driving
  • Refusing an alcohol test
  • Using the vehicle to commit a felony
  • Using the vehicle in manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing a controlled substance
  • Driving while your CDL is suspended, revoked, or canceled

Good drivers occasionally make mistakes.  If you have a CDL and have received one of these serious violations, you need to contact a lawyer like Steven L, Ginsberg, with extensive experience dealing with commercial driver license violations.  Call 845-547-2500 for a free phone consultation t discuss what you can do to increase the chances you do not lose your license or job.

Rockland County and Orange County School Bus drivers are required to have a Commercial Drivers License
A CDL is required to drive a tractor trailers Rockland County or Orange County NY

Commercial drivers should avoid getting ticketed for one of the following serious traffic offenses:

  • Following too closely.
  • Speeding
  • Improper lane changes.
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without your CDL in your possession.
  • Careless driving.
  • Driving a rig without the proper endorsement.

You May Lose Your CDL And Job

If Convicted Of These Traffic Violations

If convicted of any of the above-described violations, you could face the following commercial driver penalties:

  • The suspension or revocation of your commercial driver’s license, the length of which is contingent on your state, the nature of the violation, and your driving record. Once cleared to resume driving, you’ll then face expensive license reinstatement fees.
  • Points assessed to your CDL, if applicable to your state. Top a specified amount of points as designated by your state and you could lose all driving privileges.
  • The temporary or permanent loss of your job.
  • Higher insurance rates.
  • Very stiff fines.
  • In some serious cases, jail time is possible, depending, of course, on the nature of the violation.
Driving a large dump truck in Rockland County or Orange county NY requires a Commercial Driver License
Tickets while driving a HAZMAT Truck carry sever penalties and you may lose of your CDL in Rockland County, Orange County or anywhere in NY

If You Have A CDL And Receive A Ticket

 Call Attorney Steven L Ginsberg

If convicted of any of the above violations, you are required, by law, to notify your employer. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your ticket and what’s at stake, you may want to consider hiring a traffic attorney who specializes in CDL affairs.

Keep in mind that HAZMAT drivers are under tighter scrutiny; penalties are magnified even more.

With so much at stake, it is important that you have an experienced attorney to assist you and help you try to avoid the worst consequences. If this applies to you, call Steven Ginsberg today at 845-547-2500.

How to find a traffic Lawyer who is best for you

In this short video Attorney Ginsberg will give you three tips on how to find the best traffic ticket lawyer for your needs.

My Pledge to My Clients

Rockland County Orange County Traffic Court Judge

I have been helping clients with traffic and legal issues since 1993. The court system often seems like it is mechanical and does not care about people. It is intimidating and can be confusing to those who do not deal with it every day. The reality is that the legal system is made up of good people who are under pressure to do their jobs well in a system they cannot change. The courts get more and more work every week. The judges, prosecutors,  clerks, and all personnel feel this pressure. I have made a point of getting to know the people who work in the courts, not just the judges and prosecutors. I do my best to empathize with them, deal with them respectfully and pleasantly.​​​​​​​

Over the years, I have earned their respect and goodwill. During this time, colleagues have become prosecutors and judges. There is no direct measure of the goodwill I receive. However, my track record indicates it is accurate. The pledge I make to my clients is as follows. I will listen to your account, review the charges with you and then develop the best strategy for you. Ideally, charges would always be dismissed. The truth is that will not always happen. When it does not, I will adapt my strategy to your situation. You may need to keep points as low as possible, or you may need to keep the fines as low as possible.  No matter your situation, I will always do my best to bring about the advantageous result we can.  On this, you have my word​​​​​​​

– Steven L. Ginsberg, Esq.

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Why do I need a Lawyer For A Traffic Ticket Matter When I Have A CDL?

If you have a moving violation and are considering hiring a traffic lawyer in N Y, especially Rockland or Orange Counties, you’ve come to the right website. 

You may ask why you would need a traffic ticket lawyer…. Can’t you just do it yourself?   When it comes to commercial driver’s licenses the stakes are much higher and the judges are not easily persuaded… Your license and job are on the line.  With your livelihood at risk, you need an attorney who has deep experience in CDL issues and a carefully considered strategy to help you keep your CDL and your job. This is a very common thought, and you may be able to negotiate a deal by yourself.  However, are you giving yourself the best odds? Are you getting the best results in your specific situation? Before you choose to “do-it-yourself,” you should ask yourself a few questions that are listed below…

Driving a commercial delivery truck requires a CDL n Rockland County or Orange County NY

Five Reasons You Need
To Hire A Traffic Lawyer

  1. Do you have a full understanding of New York State traffic laws and how they can affect you?
  2. Have you built up years of goodwill, trust and positive relationships with the prosecutors, police officers, court clerks and judges?
  3. Do you stand to benefit from hiring someone with more than 25 years of legal experience who will plan a legal strategy that is carefully designed to handle your traffic tickets and (where appropriate) negotiate an agreement for the best outcome for your particular circumstances (fines, points, effects on insurance rates, the ability to keep your license and more).

Five Reasons Continued…

  1. What is your time worth? If court is canceled or your case is not heard, you might spend many more hours than you planned and still not resolve your case, let along obtain the best deal available. Schedules vary greatly – many traffic courts have sessions in the middle of a workday. Hiring a traffic lawyer will potentially save you time in that you will not have to take time off from work.
  2. What is it worth to turn over all of the aggravation, worry and stress to an experienced attorney and be able to relax knowing that you are in good hands and that the matter will be negotiated as favorably as possible?


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    Eve E.

    ​​​​​​​Steve Ginsberg, Esq. Is an amazing attorney. I was really impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and responsiveness…

    Al G.

    …a fantastic traffic lawyer who goes the extra mile for you! I received a ticket for 20+ MPH over the limit… Steve took care of everything and had my speeding ticket dismissed…

    Melanie G.

    Incredibly personable and helpful. Helped me address a weird traffic ticket and gave me all the info I needed to deal with the courts. Honest and down to earth guy.

    K. S.

    If you got a traffic ticket, Steve is the best lawyer to represent you. He got my 6 point ticket to zero! Just awesome!

    Case Study – My Client Was Charged With Speeding While Driving a Commercial License…

    Explaining case study here…

    Delivery driver with Commercial drivers license driving van with parcels on seat outside warehouse in Rockland County

    Looking for True Relationship-Based Traffic Lawyer?

    Steven L Ginsberg is an attorney that cares and gets results in Rockland and Orange Counties with a focus on your situation and goals

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    Commercial truck drivers in Rockland County, Orange County and NY depend on Attorney Steven Ginsberg to defend their CDL when they receive a ticket

    Myth – Representing yourself yields the same results as hiring an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

    There are times when an individual can have a lenient judge and receive the same amount of points as if a traffic ticket lawyer represented them.  This is rarely the case when it comes to a ticket with a commercial driver’s license.  With the consequences of a violation including the possible loss of your license and job, the smart move is to get an attorney with deep experience in defending violations against commercial drivers.   Additionally, no citizen knows all of the judges in Rockland and Orange Counties.  An experienced CDL ticket attorney will listen to your situation and then focus on having the ticket thrown out.  If that is impossible a lawyer like Attorney Ginsberg will focus on saving your license and job and then look to save money, points and hassles.  Finally, you will need a lawyer, like Steven Ginsberg, who has cultivated years of good relationships with all of the court personnel and will leverage this goodwill to your advantage myth busted!

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    Alan E..

    … Steve goes out of his way to find the very best solution for each particular problem.  I would highly recommend Steve…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you accept credit cards and Zelle?2021-11-30T20:37:36+00:00

    Yes, we do! You can use Zelle or most major credit cards to pay our very competitive fees.

    I received a parking ticket recently. Can I hire you?2021-11-03T22:34:25+00:00

    Sorry again. We do not handle parking tickets.

    I live in another state. Do I need to fight my New York ticket?2021-11-03T22:33:37+00:00

    That depends on many factors. In some cases, the convictions will show on your driving record in your home state. You can call Mr. Ginsberg to discuss the particulars of your case to see if it is worth fighting.

    So once you take my case, do I need to do anything else?2021-11-03T22:32:20+00:00

    In most cases, you can simply wait until the matter has been resolved. We will then contact you and inform you of the resolution, and what fines (if any) you must pay and by what date. Of course, we recommend that while the case is pending, should you receive any communication from the court about your case, you let us know immediately.

    If I hire you, does that mean I will not have to pay any fines?2021-11-03T22:31:40+00:00

    Sorry. Our representation means that we will fight for your rights and obtain the best result we can. In some cases, that may mean a full dismissal. But in most instances, you are still going to be liable for any fines that the court imposes after we resolve your case.

    But I can’t afford to hire an expensive lawyer to handle my case?2021-11-03T22:29:20+00:00

    Try us – you may be surprised! Our rates, which vary depending on the court, nature of the violation and other factors, are quite reasonable

    So how about if I fight my ticket myself?2021-11-03T22:28:38+00:00

    You have every right to do that. But an experienced traffic lawyer can, in many cases, get you a much better result than you would get yourself. Knowledge of the relevant law and court procedure, familiarity with police officers, troopers, and prosecutors, and experience with particular judges are all important factors. A small investment now may save you a lot of money in the long term.

    What’s the big deal of having a traffic conviction?2021-11-03T22:26:27+00:00

    In New York State, a conviction of a moving violation will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will assess points against your license which may result in a suspension or revocation of your right to drive. You may be assessed a yearly state surcharge that will need to be paid. Also, your auto insurance company may decide to substantially raise your rates. The traffic fine may be just the beginning of a long nightmare.


    Can’t I just pay my ticket and not worry about it anymore?2021-12-10T23:40:30+00:00

    Yes, you can plead guilty, and you will be fined by the courts.  But, if you do, it will be treated as a conviction after a full trial and receive the points assigned to the violation, any surcharges and be subject to an insurance increase.

    Why should I choose Steven Ginsberg?2021-10-08T02:10:30+00:00

    While most traffic lawyers are competent, Steven Ginsberg goes the extra mile and applied all of his experience and good will to achieve your  goals

    Do I have to appear in court with my traffic ticket lawyer?2021-11-03T22:37:18+00:00

    Not in most cases. For the majority of traffic violations, your attorney will be able to appear on your behalf and dispose of the matter without you needing to take any time off of your schedule to travel to the traffic court.

    For certain traffic matters, your appearance may be required. If your situation warrants this, we will explain that to you.

    What are the advantages of having a Traffic Lawyer Represent Me?2021-12-10T23:42:11+00:00

    Saving time, money, points & hassles

    Truck drivers who receive a ticket use attorney Steven Ginsberg to defend their CDL in Rockland County, Orange County or New York State

    Choose Steven L. Ginsberg When You Need An Experienced Lawyer in Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Matters

    Steven Ginsberg is a traffic lawyer with extensive experience dealing with commercial drivers who have received tickets.   He has a reputation for interacting with his clients in a friendly, helpful manner, while vigorously representing them and using everything at his disposal, including years of built-up goodwill and extensive experience to negotiate the best possible outcome to their tickets.  If you drive for a living and are a truck, bus, taxi, limousine driver, a ticket can cause you to lose your CDL and even your job; Attorney Ginsberg can help.  If you are also looking to save your license, job, time, aggravation, and hassles dealing with tickets, you should speak with Attorney Steven Ginsberg one of Orange and Rockland Counties’ most experienced lawyers in matters pertaining to  commercial drivers licenses (CDL)– take advantage of the free, no-obligation consultation that is offered by calling 845-547-2500

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