Can’t I just pay my ticket and not worry about it anymore?

Yes, you can plead guilty, and you will be fined by the court. But if you do, it will be treated like a conviction after a full trial.

What’s the big deal of having a traffic conviction?

In New York State, a conviction of a moving violation will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will assess points against your license which may result in a suspension or revocation of your right to drive. You may be assessed a yearly state surcharge that will need to be paid. Also, your auto insurance company may decide to substantially raise your rates. The traffic fine may be just the beginning of a long nightmare.

So how about if I fight my ticket myself?

You have every right to do that. But an experienced traffic lawyer can, in many cases, get you a much better result than you would get yourself. Knowledge of the relevant law and court procedure, familiarity with police officers, troopers and prosecutors, and experience with particular judges are all important factors. A small investment now may save you a lot of money in the long-term.

But I can’t afford to hire an expensive lawyer to handle my case?

Try us – you may be surprised! Our rates, which vary depending on the court, nature of the violation and other factors, are quite reasonable.

But will I still have to show up on the court date?

Not in most cases. For the majority of traffic violations*, your attorney will be able to appear on your behalf and dispose of the matter without you needing to take any time off of your schedule to travel to the traffic court.

If I hire you, does that mean I will not have to pay any fines?

Sorry. Our representation means that we will fight for your rights and obtain the best result we can. In some cases, that may mean a full dismissal. But in most instances, you are still going to be liable for any fines that the court imposes after we resolve your case.

So once you take my case, do I need to do anything else?

In most cases, you can simply wait until the matter has been resolved. We will then contact you and inform you of the resolution, and what fines (if any) you must pay and by what date. Of course, we recommend that while the case is pending, should you receive any communication from the court about your case, you let us know immediately.

I live in another state. Do I need to fight my New York ticket?

That depends on many factors. In some cases, the convictions will show on your driving record in your home state. You can call Mr. Ginsberg to discuss the particulars of your case to see if it is worth fighting.

I received a parking ticket recently. Can I hire you?

Sorry again. We do not handle parking tickets.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do! You can use most major credit cards to pay our very competitive fees.

OK! I want you to represent me in my traffic matter. What do I do?

Please fill out the form on the right to ask any question you may have.  Or you can fax us your ticket at (845)215-0152. Please include the best way for our firm to contact you. You can also call us at (845) 547-2500

* For certain traffic matters, your appearance may be required. If your situation warrants this, we will explain that to you.

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